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Contact Us

  • Address: 94 Foster Ave. Rockaway, NJ 89800
  • Phone: 684-990-345-389-5623

About Us

With experience and passion, we render accessible high quality gold accessories adored by all.

Our Story

We cultivated a rich pool of knowledge throughout our 60 year journey within the jewelry sector, holding quality and an aesthetic approach at the forefront in the collections we produced. Today, we present to our customers gold accessories loved by all transformed into unique models. As SOPHOS based in New York and stores that are active across several digital marketplaces, we offer you the most sought-after models.

Our Understanding of Quality

Quality is the most important value we focus on throughout our productıon timeline and within each step composing the complete process. When embarking on the journey of rendering gold jewelry accessible to all, we never compromised on quality and continue to design precious accessories with a delicate sensibility. While claiming quality as an official principle with the RJC certification, we are focused on expanding this approach, which has become an integral part of and a defining feature of the culture of SOPHOS. 

The most exceptional designs of earring, necklace, bracelet and ring models are now available for all in the premier standard set by SOPHOS.

RJC Certificate

RJC Membership is awarded for the transparent assessment of key points such as ethics, human rights, and social and environmental factors. Qualifications include a thorough inspection of not only production quality, but also working environment and employee rights. As Runda, we are proud to merit membership and continue to set the standards in the sector.

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With an awareness of detail, care for a minimalist approach, a collaborative spirit, respect for craftsmanship and the ability to discover sources of inspiration from natural forms and shapes, Sophos promises you an exclusive experience.

Building on our system of knowledge and practice, we present to you jewellery work that is immaculate and precise in bringing to life your ideas through our creative lens.

Modernity, simplicity, elegance and a minimalist framework define our approach to design. By keeping up to date with current trends and events, we neatly choose how our design will take shape.

With our RJC Membership, we committed to strengthening our approach to establishing a culture of ethics where human rights and the environment are prioritized.

A price range that fits the economic budget; building an equitable commercial practice is the key to our success.

We are a family.  Everyone we work with is held in a position of trust and value. 

Finding innovative ways to tackle climate change and form a balanced union with the rhythm of nature is an essential part of our philosophy.

We choose recycled materials to conceptualize and realize our design process.

Our manifestations of jewellery rejoin the Earthly cycles; we believe in our potential to be one with nature in a holistic fashion.

Our collections were created through appreciating the wondrous melange of textures and shapes found in nature.